Rectangular treads shall have minimum tread depth of 9 inches measured horizontally from nosing to nosing. Spiral staircase treads Spiral […]

Building consents for low decks A low deck may not need a building consent. California does not use NFPA 101. […]

Texas Building Code Requirements for Decks. All public pools shall provide a continuous unobstructed minimum four-foot-wide slip-resistant non-abrasive walking or […]

Negotiable Building Code issue Building Code is a set of MINIMUM standards. The mission of the Building Department is to […]

With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers free online building code classes will not only be a place […]

From December 16 2020 to the e-Laws currency date. The Building Code Act – This is a 40 page document […]

American State Building Codes. Every sleeping room below the fourth story shall have at least one operable window or exterior […]

Some areas require taller guardrail. Sturdy deck railings are an important safety feature for raised decks and are required by […]