There shall be a minimum of 3 equally spaced horizontal 2×6 fence rails for fences of 6 to 8 feet […]

Effective date April 1 2021 with a six month phase in period -Mandatory October 1 2021. The Oregon Building Codes […]

Under the handrail the width must be at least 315 if theres one guardrail. Site Development Design Standards. Handrail Specifications […]

Ad Explore Custom Height Stairs Designed For Safety Convenience Free Quotes Order Online. Commercial Building Code Guides. Chapter 3 Building […]

You can make your trip up or down a flight of stairs much safer if you remember to use the […]

Code requires guardrail in residential structures be a minimum of 36 inches. State of Oregon 2014 Fire Code. Railing Designed […]

On the outside of the door the step down may be 8 max to the required 3 x 3 minimum […]

This applies to the broad majority of the United States for all residential decks. Handrail ends must be returned and […]

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