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Wonderful Design Pattern In Rails. Every person has similar difficulties, and our society has found universal ways, patterns, to solve that problems. Tagged with ruby, rails, design, pattern.

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My first thought was use draper. Design pattern called adapter is used, when there are two or more objects, which need to communicate to each other, but unable to do so, because their interfaces do not match. This is not by any means the true and only way to properly factor web applications built.

My solution and proposed rails design pattern is to always group common controllers into modules and to have them inherit from a dedicated group even if, at the time of developing a rails app, there are only plans for a basic web application this pattern should still be used to account for future growth.

The template method pattern is a behavioral design pattern that defines the program skeleton of an algorithm in an operation, deferring some steps to subclasses. My first thought was use draper. When it comes to data access, the book domain driven design advocates using a repository layer that separates your domain objects from your data access strategy. Template method design pattern in rails.

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Design Pattern In Rails

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